domenica 30 marzo 2008


Uno si mette a lavorare al computer, pieno di buona volontà in un bellissimo pomeriggio primaverile di sole e uccellini che gorgheggiano, e trova questo articolo... come non distrarsi??? Ma sono una supereroina e torno ai miei soldatini italo-americani. Bra'a.
PS: con il mio incredibile fiuto
(per le cagatine) da storica, avevo già trovato Principio Amen, figlio di Mauro; nato il 9 novembre 1893 a Lavello (PZ), imbarcatosi sulla nave Taormina a Napoli ed arrivato a New York il 18 ottobre 1912.

In today’s world, bizarre baby names have become the province of the rich and the famous—yet another way to separate themselves from mere mortals by saddling their offspring with names like Apple, Moon Unit, and Fifi Trixibelle.
However, throughout history, people have chosen to name their children truly terrible things regardless of their wealth and social status, and the authors at Ancestry Publishing have the census records to prove it. Bad Baby Names (Ancestry Publishing, $9.95) shines a light on thousands of names that have to be seen to be believed. All of the names were given to real people, as recorded in surviving documents from years past (going back as early as 1790, when the U.S. census began).
Bad Baby Names is part hilarious compendium, part serious genealogical research. For instance, it explains how names that were not funny at the time have become funny to us now—the name “Fanny” was perfectly acceptable in the earlier half of last century, but few would expect the girl with a name like Fanny Large or Fanny Pack to last through middle school today. Sometimes you have to wonder, though, if parents could use old-time standards as an excuse, with universally eye-popping blunders like Ima Pigg (there are over two dozen “Ima” names in the book alone, all paired with deliciously twisted last names).
And the names only get worse. Sometimes they pose a question (Wanna Towell?). Sometimes they count (Four Nickels). Sometimes they threaten (Paul Hell Burnes). Sometimes they seem to confuse children with pets (Good Dog).
And sometimes they add insult to injury (Tiny Hooker).

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